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Bring Beautiful Fall Color to Your Lawn all Summer Long!

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Your Japanese Maple’s stunning deep burgundy color will make it a standout addition to your beautiful lawn or garden!

The Japanese Red Maple is the perfect tree for fall and winter planting and it is the most stunning tree available to gardeners and home owners. Our Bloodgood Japanese Red Maple will give you a deep maroon color all summer long.

Japanese Maples have been bred, selected and cultivated for hundreds of years by Japanese nurserymen in order to develop and maintain their unique characteristics.

Its vibrant red color creates an incredible contrast for your lawn or garden and will quickly become the envy of all your neighbors.  Break up the green monotony of your lawn or garden with this beautiful specimen.

4 brilliant leaves

One of the few small trees that will grow in a variety of climates and soil conditions, this tree is found in Growing Zones 5-8.  It is easy to Grow and fun to Watch!

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Perfect for Tree Lovers with Limited Planting Space!

Your tree will have a non-invasive root system... so you can plant your tree near your home and other structures.

Enjoy the freedom of planting your new Japanese Red Maple almost anywhere in your lawn.

Our Bloodgood Trees from Cuttings vs. the Competition...

Our Japanese Red Maples are from Cuttings that are vastly superior to seed grown and grafted trees. By nature, seed grown Bloodgoods will have a genetic variability that can alter the coloration of your tree. Cuttings on the other hand are genetically identical to the radiant Bloodgood Japanese Red Maple that they come from, creating a 'clone' guaranteed to bring you the deep color you expect.

Grafted maples, especially in their first few years, are very susceptible to damage to the grafted stem. The graft itself takes several years to become very strong. Our trees from Cuttings are much stronger from the beginning and will have a much higher survival rate. You won't have to worry about your children or family pet accidentally destroying your tree, an unfortunate occurance with many grafted maples.

striking silhouette
beautiful leaves

Your Bloodgood maple will give you the abundance of color that has made them world famous.

Our trees are going dormant now, making it much less stressful on your tree during the shipping and planting processes. Your new trees will have all winter long to acclimate themselves to your soil conditions and local environment in order to give you a great growing season starting next spring!

Japanese Red Maples as a species are slow to medium growers. They average between 8'' and 14'' of growth a year, reaching a mature height between 15 and 20 feet, with a spread of 15 to 20 feet.

Our current inventory contains trees ranging from 12'' to 18'' in height. They are in 1gallon pots, allowing for a strong and hearty root structure - exactly what your plant needs to get firmly established in your lawn or garden.

Your tree has a One Year 100% Replacement Guarantee.  Order NOW while supplies last!

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